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Investor Resources  
The Financial Industry Regulatory Association (“FINRA”) is the largest non-governmental regulator of securities brokers and broker-dealers. The FINRA web-site includes information about investments, market data, and new regulatory developments, as well as disciplinary information about registered brokers and broker-dealers.. 
The web-site of the Securities and Exchange Commission includes information about investments, regulatory actions, and laws relating to securities issues 
The California Department of Insurance web-site includes alerts and advisories for seniors, information for consumers, and licensing information about insurance agents and brokers.
The web-site of the American Association of Retired Persons provides news and information for older Americans on a variety of topics, including retirement planning, money management, estate planning, and how to protect oneself from financial abuse. Findlaw provides free access to statutes and case law, as well as information about attorneys in all practice areas, and answers to common legal questions